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Rio Service shipyard operates on craft and winter mooring; it also operates on boat routine and extraordinary refitting up to 20 tons.
The working staff is highly qualified and up-to-date tools are used to carry out a wide range of operations and it offers:

  • keel cleaning and sandblasting
  • anti-osmosis treatment (3-year guarantee)
  • sandblasting
  • marine painting and boat polishing

as well as mechanical, electrical, upholstering, refrigerating and hydraulic systems services to customers.

Rio Service can also shelter sails and operate on rigging (halyards and stays).When launching and hauling craft up to 20 tons, a 45-ton crane and a 30 ton boat carrier are used.

During mooring great tonnage boats are kept outdoor (covered by anti UV and heat-blocking tarpaulins), while small and medium ones can be kept indoor.
The shipyard is nearby the port, about 500 metres from ferries' dock. This allows the owners of the boats here mooring to reach the pier leaving their cars in Piombino.All Rio service staff lives in Rio Marina and can therefore guarantee  a reliable control on boats and craft everytime and all year round.